About Us

About the Designer

Brand owner and designer Shannon Scheller hails from the Southwest. His brand of gym wear is not only functional but also graphic and colorful, designed for men and women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Growing up in Texas and Oklahoma Shannon has been an artist most of his life. He was the kid in kindergarten who tried to color in the lines, eventually taking art classes to improve his drawing, mostly in pencil, colored pencils, and painting. He liked mathematics; geometry spoke to him, and he sketched on graph paper, plotting the mathematical formulas behind shapes and the thought behind random lines. In high school was where he first tried his hand at digital art and design, playing on an Apple IIGS during his lunch periods. At an early age he fell in love with animation and has been an enthusiast most of his life.

His earliest exposure to sewing was home economics classes, which he enjoyed and had more of a knack for than his peers. A couple years after high school, it was in the US Navy that really taught him to take pride in his appearance and a focused attention to detail.

He first got into fitness during the military service, with its attention to physical readiness and personal appearance, which naturally led to him prioritizing fitness, working out, and a healthy lifestyle. Once back in civilian life, he studied Animation and Media Arts at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

His clothing design now represents the fusion of his interests in sewing, art, and fitness. With decades of experience in the retail world, his brand is poised to take on the fitness industry.


About the Brand

Shannon's view on gym wear is that everyone should be allowed to wear what they want and make a bold fashion statement. He remains inspired by hardware, robotics, high tech, sci-fi, and pop culture of the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90 and it shows.

The brand’s unisex tights and men’s tights (sporting a gusset panel), athletic shorts, and shirts challenge a culture of toxic masculinity and celebrate a fusion of fitness, fashion, and fun. Future plans for merchandise include singlets, swimwear, and shorts.

The current brand lines include X-Cite, featuring a mixture of geometry with the illusion of light and energy; Flare, borrowing from elements from science, like flames and the bright colors of gas chromatography; Neon Lights, reflecting the exciting nightlife of cities like South Beach, or street art; and Hardware, invoking high tech, futurescape imagery. Even more innovative lines are soon to follow.